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  1. How do I compare my gene list to those in LOLA's database?
  2. How do I compare lists?
  3. What is the format for uploading a list?
  4. What gene identifier types are accepted?
  5. Who can see my private lists or labels?
  6. How do I make a list public?
  7. How do I delete a list?
  8. How do I create, delete, or rename a label?
  9. How do I add or remove a label to a set of lists?
  10. When I upload a file, some genes are not found in LOLA. What is happening?
  1. First, you need to register. Then you can upload a gene list by either cutting and pasting your list into the form on Create List or by uploading a tab-delimited file containing your gene list.

  2. Select the lists that you wish to compare and press 'compare lists'. The resulting page is a table of pair-wise comparisons of all the lists selected, their intersection, concordance, confidence interval, and p-value. Clicking the intersection size link will display the genes that are incommon between the gene lists.

  3. A tab-delimited text file. It MUST contain a valid gene identifier in the first column and may contain a number in the second column, typically a fold change. No header rows or other columns are expected. See a sample gene list file

  4. Currently only LocusLink IDs and Affymetrix probe set IDs. We plan to expand this in the near future. It is generally possible to translate other gene IDs to LocusLink using tools such as Resourcerer or Matchminer.

  5. Only you and to whomever you give your email and password. The administrator will only view a private list if the submitter requests that it be made public.

  6. Send an email to Patrick Cahan (pcahan1_at_gwu.edu) listing the gene list name.

  7. You may only delete your own lists. Select the list(s) which you wish to delete and press the 'delete list' button.

  8. After logging in, click on the 'manage labels' link. On the 'manage labels' page you can rename or delete existing labels, or create new lables.

  9. Select the lists for which you wish to wither add or remove a label. Select the appropriate field in the 'action' selection box and press the 'action button'.

  10. LOLA will not save a gene without a recognizable gene identifier. If you are certain that your list contains only Entez Gene or Affymetrix probeset identifiers and you still receive this message then please contact the LOLA administrator via email.

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