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List Of Lists Annotated (LOLA) is a web driven database of published and manually curated (public), and user-specific (private) gene lists derived from genome-wide approaches such as expression profiling and proteomics. LOLA allows researchers to measure the similarity of gene lists in order to identify genes that are robustly changed across laboratories, studies, and platforms, and within and between species. Furthermore, LOLA compares lists at a gene-level so that probes mapping to the same gene are not considered different.

No registration is required to browse and compare public lists. Please register if you would like to upload your own lists.

Questions which LOLA can be used to answer:

  • What genes are changed in microarray studies of a particular biological phenomena?
  • What genes are shared between an investigator's list and other published lists, which focus on his/her area of interest?
  • Within a microarray experiment, which genes remain significant across different signal summarization, normalization, and analysis methods?

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